Upcoming Competitions

Date: Oct 28, 2017

Time: 10am to 3pm


  • Costumes allowed; no loose articles/items (at JCX’s discretion).
  • Prizes and/or certificates/medals for top 3.
  • Top five competitors from each group will advance to stage 2.
  • Stage 1 will take place before lunch, and stage 2 after lunch.
  • Maximum of 20 competitors per age bracket.
  • Start times:
    • Bracket 1 stage 1: 10am
    • Bracket 2 stage 1: 11:30am
    • Bracket 1 stage 2: 1:30pm
    • Bracket 2 stage 2: 2:00pm

See pictures from this event on our facebook page: click here

Date: Dec 9th, 2017

Time: 4pm to 10pm


Two stage, Ninja Warrior Competition for Ages 16+ (Age brackets 16-39, and 40+). However, there must be at least 3 in each bracket.

There will be 7 obstacles in the first round, and five more in the second round. Competitors will be timed, and the top five people that go the farthest the fastest will advance to stage 2. Prizes and medals will be awarded to top 3.

Registration now open: click here